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    Almond sells worldwide to Wholesalers, Distributors, Jewelers, Brands, Boutiques, E-commerce Entrepreneurs, Department Stores, and Private Label.

    We serve all re-sellers that meet our minimum order requirements:

    - Minimum order for Silver 50 units per style

    - Minimum order for Gold 50 units per style

    - Minimum order for Brass 100 units per style

    We'd love to serve you! For quotes or special arrangements please Contact Us

    If you require sketches, CADs or any other new developments the lead time is about 2 weeks with the cooperation from the client.

    New molds can take about 5-7 days to create.

    Our production lead time is about 4-6 weeks.

    Please Contact Us to go over how to start your sample order for Almond’s open to buy line.

     For your own designs that require samples, here are the steps you will need to go through with our team:

     1. Client Submission - Drawings, Sketches, Images, or Images of similar Products. (Must include dimensions, type of finish required, quantity interested in producing, and type of metal. Almond costs the goods for both development and production.

    2. Almond replies with a proposal for the cost of goods - Once the customer agrees on costs, Almond will provide a new customer form. The customer fills out the form and returns to Almond to be inputted into the system.

    3. A Development Invoice - Almond sends to the customer a credit card form, so that the process can begin. The first process of development starts by taking your sketch, art, or inspiration, and starts on sketches and building 3-dimensional images of the design.

    4. Once Complete - The customer receives a 3D image of what the actual product will look like. Upon approval, our professional model makers, will determine the appropriate type of mold needed to form to accomplish maximum results. 

    5. Upon Completion of the Mold - Almond will now be able to cast a sample, finish it as you the customer would like, and sends a finished pre-production sample to the client for approval to proceed to production.

    6. Sample Approval - Almond will require a deposit before starting the order. Upon completion of the order, customer fulfills the remaining balance, and the order is released and shipped to the customer.

    Private Label

    If an NDA is required, simply request a copy via email, and you will receive one within 24 hours.

    Of course! Almost all of Almond’s open to buy line is customizable. You can choose your desired size, metal, plating and finish for your jewelry. 

    Our in-house design team and our dedicated Research and Development team keeps up with international market trends and can advise you on ways make your brand stand out from the crowd and appeal to your customers.

    Our graphic designers will render your jewelry designs into 3D or CAD models that can be viewed from multiple angles. This can help visualize your finished pieces before they are made.

    Our State-of-the-art facilities such as 3D wax printers, CNC machines, and other equipment allow us to complete every aspect of your jewelry designs to the highest possible standards.

    Shipping & Duty

    Almond ships worldwide using your preferred shipping method. 

    Duty – For the most accurate information on Duty, please contact your local UPS/FedEx/TNT (etc.) as they will act as your Customs Clearing Agent for all shipments. Inform them that you will be importing jewelry from Thailand and would like to know more information related to the expenses into your country. 

    Almond also requires insurance for all shipments. 

    For more information, please Contact Us

    Once you receive your order, you have 10 days to inspect and report any manufacturing defects with your order. If you need to return part or all your order, Almond will refund you 100% of the returned products via the same payment method as your purchase or you can ask for a credit - whichever you prefer. 

    Return instructions are included with each shipment, or you can reach out to your sales agent for guidelines on how to ensure a smooth return.

    Jewelry Care Information

    We offer a vast collection of classic and on-trend jewelry. Our skilled artisans create handmade jewelry, and Almond specializes in casting, tubing and stamping designs in gold, sterling silver, brass and Lucite. Our quality and sustainability measures makes us stand out above our competitors. 

    Our factory is fully equipped with state of the art and proprietary machinery that you can tour to see how your jewelry is made by our expert jewelry makers.  

    - All production processes under one roof

    - High-volume capacity

    - Rigorous quality-control

    - Traditional, hand-crafted, and modern production methods

    - Compliant with quality and distribution standards in Europe and USA

    Almond utilizes recycled metals for sustainability. Our gold, silver sterling, and brass comes from certified recycling sources to minimize carbon emissions.

    All our jewelry is FDA, Reach and CA65 certified so it’s safe for the environment and the wearer.

    The materials for our packaging and jewelry come from reliable, sustainable and ethically sourced resources.

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    Sustainability and Compliance

    As a company, we’re conscious of our responsibility to the planet and the community. We place sustainability at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

    Almond provides work to people in local communities and manufacture our jewelry in the most energy-efficient and low-carbon ways possible.

    We regularly practice eco-friendly waste management, which produces less sewage and metal dust. The advanced wastewater and waste dust treatment equipment in our facilities help to reduce industrial pollution and carbon emissions.

    Almond is certified Green and is proud member of SEDEX, part of the UN Global Compact and is pending approval from the Responsible Jewellery Council. 

    At Almond, our commitment to transparency and responsible business practices is reflected in our comprehensive policies and practices. Following the UN Global Compact and Responsible Business Practices Statements, these pillars serve as the foundation for maintaining a secure, ethical, and compliant environment.

    1. Ethical Conduct:

    We pledge to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior, including honesty, integrity, and respect for all stakeholders. This entails publishing and consistently communicating our ethical standards to all employees, accompanied by comprehensive training.

    2. Environmental Stewardship:

    We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint by implementing responsible practices, promoting energy efficiency, and reducing waste, energy consumption, and emissions. We set measurable goals for waste reduction and recycling while continuously striving to enhance our environmental performance.

    3. Social Responsibility:

    At Almond, we embrace social responsibility by actively engaging in community development initiatives. This includes offering paid apprenticeships to provide opportunities for skill development and lifelong learning.

    4. Diversity and Inclusion:

    We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, free from harassment and discrimination, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees, and providing diversity training to promote awareness and understanding.

    5. Fair Labor Practices and Working Environments:

    We uphold fair labor practices by complying with all relevant labor laws and regulations, ensuring fair wages, reasonable hours for all employees and safe working conditions.

    6. Human Rights:

    Almond is unwavering in its commitment to uphold internationally recognized human rights across all facets of our operations and supply chains, including a commitment to uphold salient human rights including, but not limited to, child labor and forced labor.

    7. Customer Satisfaction:

    We prioritize ethical business practices, address customer concerns promptly and transparently, and maintain high standards of product and service quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

    8. Supply Chain Responsibility:

    We vet our suppliers for ethical and responsible practices, communicate clear expectations regarding responsible sourcing, and regularly audit and assess suppliers’ adherence to ethical standards.

    9. Transparency and Accountability:

    We are committed to transparently communicating with stakeholders about our business practices, maintaining transparency in financial reporting, and establishing robust mechanisms for internal and external accountability.

    10. Anti-Corruption Policies:

    Almond implements stringent policies to prevent bribery and corruption, provides anti-corruption training for employees, and conducts regular audits to ensure compliance with anti-corruption policies

    11. Continuous Improvement:

    We continuously assess and update our responsible business practices, welcome feedback from employees, customers, and stakeholders, and strive for continuous improvement in sustainability and ethical standards.