• Almond Thailand Unveils Almond Gems!

    October 17, 2023 2 min read

    Almond Thailand Unveils Almond Gems!
    Almond Thailand Unveils Almond Gems subsidiary under the Sustainable and Affordable Luxury Concept Additionally, welcoming Mr. Dominic Chandarasanti as Vice President of Sales to the Almond family at the 68th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

    Almond Gems, a subsidiary of Almond (Thailand) Ltd. with 38 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing, warmly welcomes Mr. Dominic Chandarasanti as Vice President of Sales, as it shines a spotlight on responsible, sustainable, and affordable luxury with the unveiling of the stunning "Le Mesh" Collection. This extraordinary collection not only displays the radiant allure of precious colored gemstones, but also introduces the visionary leadership of Mr. Dominic.

    "We are thrilled to welcome Dominic to the Almond family," said Danie Tangchai, Managing Director of Almond Thailand Ltd. "His expertise and dedication to excellence perfectly align with our commitment to responsible luxury and innovation. With his leadership, we are poised to take our brand to new heights, creating jewelry that embodies beauty, sustainability, and exceptional craftsmanship."

    “The harmonious blend of color gemstones and lightweight precious metals in the "Le Mesh" Collection underscores Almond Gems' commitment to delivering refined, sustainable, and visionary jewelry. Each piece showcases the brand's meticulous craftsmanship, captivating both the eye and the conscience.” said Dominic, Vice President of Sales at Almond Gems.

    As the "Le Mesh" Collection makes its debut at the BGJF Fair, Almond Gems presents not only a testament to responsible luxury but also a testament to innovation. Through its harmonious blend of design, technique, and visionary leadership, Almond Gems redefines luxury by offering pieces that marry timeless beauty with forward-thinking practices.

    For further information about the "Le Mesh" Collection, Almond Gems' responsible luxury initiatives, and the visionary leadership of VP Dominic, please visit or contact +662 517 0042 ext. 111

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